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Springs Forked Tongue

Springs forked Tongue well​ beat any reasonable price 

Meet the Lovely People Behind Our Business

Caring for Reptiles Like Family

Hi, we are Nuno and Amy DeSousa, owner/operators of The Forked Tongue. Nuno is a retired Army veteran and I am a Social Worker by trade. We both love and enjoy reptiles, especially Ball Pythons and Bearded Dragons. Our business started with a funny story, so let me tell you about it. I was doing laundry and to my surprise I found a snake in my load of towels. At first I freaked out screamed hollered the whole big dramatic scene. Nuno came to my rescue only to discover it was a corn snake, he was little so we kept him and named him Maytag because I found him on the dryer. Shortly after that Nuno surprised me with the cutest little bearded dragon, named him Kenmore. We enjoyed them so much as pets we decided to follow our passion, thus our business was born. Now our inventory has grown to 85 snakes and 21 bearded dragons and now we were blessed with 29 baby beardies. We look forward to the future and all the adventures to come.

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